Religion at #2011ASA, a Dialogue

Over at Religion in American History Kelly Baker and I discuss religion panels and papers at this year’s American Studies Association. We even get into a comparison between the ASA and the American Academy of Religion. It was such a great back and forth that one post wasn’t enough. Find part 1 here and part 2 here.

My panel at #2011ASA: Global Perspectives on American Religious Cultures

If you’re at the American Studies Association this weekend and you’re interested in questions of religion, globalization, and transformation than you might want to check out the panel I’m doing with some other great folks:

12:00 PM – 1:45 PM

Religion and American Culture Caucus: Travel and Transformation: Global Perspectives on American Religious Cultures

Hilton Baltimore Key Ballroom 07

Theresa Sanders, Georgetown University (DC)
David Scott, Boston University (MA)
Opium, Alcohol, and Methodists in Singapore
Michael J. Altman, Emory University (GA)
American Hinduism: A Global Religion in the Nineteenth Century
Jordan Leary Wade, University of Kansas (KS)
From “Shanti’s” to Spandex: The Western Twist on Yoga
Aprilfaye Manalang, Bowling Green State University (OH)
What Role Does Religion Play among Filipino Immigrants? Imagining a Different Self-Understanding of Modernity
Katharina Vester, American University (DC)
Hope to see yall there!

G. W. B-Jesus

I was doing some googling around looking for images for a digital storytelling project I’m working on when I cam across this image. I found it rather remarkable.

George W. Bush under the eyes of Jesus


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