Places to Send Students in Search of Religion Blog Topics

UPDATE- This post has been updated with new sites. (2/20/2014)

I gave a couple of talks around Emory last week about my experience teaching with social media last semester. In the wake of those I’ll be posting some resources for folks looking to use blogging or Twitter in their classes. Here is a list of good sites I recommended to students for looking for articles/posts to write their posts about. While I didn’t require them to use these, almost every one of them did and they had great results.

Sacred Matters:

Sacred Matters twitter feed:

Religion & Politics:

Religion Dispatches:

CNN Belief Blog:

NY Times Religion:

NPR Religion:

Religion News Service:

Huffington Post Religion:

Religion in American History:

The Immanent Frame:

The Revealer:

Killing the Buddha:

The Anxious Bench:

American Society of Church History- History of Christianity:

John Fea, The Way of Improvement Leads Home:

Warren Throckmorton:


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