Tuscaloosa Bound: My New Job at the University of Alabama

I’ve already posted about it on Facebook and I think someone sent out a tweet about it but I’ll post it here and make it official. I’m happy to announce I’ve accepted a one year faculty appointment in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Alabama for 2013-1014. I’m really excited to join such a great group of faculty members for what should be a great year. I’m even more excited because I’ll get to teach a seminar on Asian Religions in American Culture that I’ve wanted a chance to teach for some time now. I’ll also be teaching the honors introduction to religion course, which should be a blast.

So, I guess all that’s left to say is….Roll Tide!


3 thoughts on “Tuscaloosa Bound: My New Job at the University of Alabama

  1. This makes me extremely excited. I just read your “About” page, and I am even more excited. I have been waiting for a class like this, especially since the Hinduism class has not been offered in quite a while. I’ll be graduating in December, and I have been really disappointed with the lack of class options. Fortunately I was able to do an independent study class on sacred pilgrimage sites in Nepal, based on my own travels throughout India and Nepal. I hope you don’t think it is weird that I am commenting on your post considering I am a student (old student at that, 29), but I couldn’t help it. And if you could give me some details, I would really appreciate it.


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