What Podcasts Do You Put in Your Ears?


I’m working on a review essay that covers the various academic podcasts about religion and religious studies  that have appeared in the past few years. I’m limiting myself to academic podcasts, or at least podcasts that feature academics. So, I’m not including things like Interfaith Voices or On Being. I am interested in podcasts not necessarily in religious studies but that have scholars discussing religion, such as the Junto Podcasts. Here’s a list of what I have so far.

What am I missing?

Let me know in the comments or on Twitter/Facebook/Morse code/carrier pigeon/YO.

Journal of Southern Religion http://jsr.fsu.edu/new-media/
Directions in the Study of Religion- Marginalia http://marginalia.lareviewofbooks.org/category/interviews/
First Impressions- Marginalia http://marginalia.lareviewofbooks.org/category/interviews/

Religious Studies Project http://www.religiousstudiesproject.com/podcast/
New Books Network http://newbooksnetwork.com/

McGill http://podcasts.mcgill.ca/tags/religious-studies/
Oxford http://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/keywords/religion
Research on Religion http://www.researchonreligion.org/
Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict https://itunes.apple.com/itunes-u/religion-and-conflict/id383721017?mt=10#ls=1

The World of Islam: Culture, Religion, and Politics http://aminetais.podbean.com/
The Junto Podcast Network: http://earlyamericanists.com/the-junto-podcast-network/

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4 thoughts on “What Podcasts Do You Put in Your Ears?

  1. Thanks for considering our podcast “Research on Religion.” We aim to be a source that takes the social scientific study of religion seriously with a respect for individuals of faith. We try to emphasize scholars that are young or don’t often receive the attention they deserve, though we toss in a few “academic superstars” here and there as well.

    (And by “we,” I pretty much mean myself and Rocky J. Barkington, our trusted canine sidekick who can be heard barking his approval in the background on occasion.)

    Tony Gill


  2. I’ll be interested to see this review essay! For such a comparatively small field we (at the RSP) often wonder whether we should all be working together more closely rather than potentially dividing our audience(s). On the other hand, perhaps we all serve slightly different purposes (as, indeed, we intended). Glad to be considered and excited to see the results. Do get in touch if you have any questions. Chris


  3. It hasn’t been the same since Alan Saunders died, but The Philosopher’s Zone often touches on related questions. History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps is currently on a long arc covering philosophy in the medieval Islamic world.


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