Things Sacred & Profane: Sacred Constitution, Jerry Brown, Mormon politics, and an atheist Bible reader

The recitation of the Constitution in the House renews the debate over Founders’ intentions.

Peter Berger on “Conservative Christians and the Sexual Revolution”

Romney and Reid: Does Mormonism matter in politics?

An atheist who is spending a year reading through the King James Bible.

California’s new (but not completely new) governor, Jerry Brown, trained with Jesuits, studied with Zen Masters, and hung out on the streets with Mother Theresa. He also inspired this great Dead Kennedy’s song.

Things Sacred & Profane: Natural Theology, Islam’s Billy Graham, and Mormons on Immigration

Why Stephen Hawking’s attempt to banish natural theology only shows why we need it.

Amr Khaled’s TV preaching has made him Islam’s answer to Billy Graham – and he’s mounting a direct attack on the terror camps of Yemen

Among Mormons, a deep divide on immigration

Catholic Hospitals vs. the Bishops

The “Business” of Being Christian: The Ethics of Usury

Things Sacred & Profane: AA Spirituality, GWB Drunk with Rev. Graham, and Einstein on God

Einstein- Alcoholics Anonymous as a spiritual experience.

- So apparently former President Bush was sloshed the first time he met Billy Graham. He had had “about four beers and five wines.” Well done, sir.

- It’s always remarkable to me how much interest surrounds Albert Einstein’s thoughts about God. It’s the modern equivalent to the search for the historical Jesus. Was he an atheist? Was he a deist? A theist? I like to think that, first and foremost, he was a lover of form and beauty and a man humbly grasping at cosmic straws.

- Is the fetal Christ ad about incarnation of abortion? Or both?

Things Sacred & Profane: New FRC study, Star Wars Nativity, and Evangelical Environmentalism

- The conservative Family Research Council is jumping into the indices game. It’s soon to be released Index of Family Belonging and Rejection is an attempt to measure the health of families in our society. The study defines an ‘intact family’ as one where “a child’s birth mother and biological father (were) legally married to one another since before or around the time of the child’s birth.”

- Another story at USAToday about the recession’s impact on church collection plates.

- A Star Wars display appears next to a traditional nativity and eight other holiday set ups in a Virginia town.

- Evangelical environmentalism has reached a critical point-how aggressive and how far to the left should it be?

- A historian’s approach to WikiLeaks.

“Yoga Wars,” William James a (Post?)Modern, and Finland’s Education System

- This is the best analysis of the “who owns yoga?” question I’ve read so far.

- Poland just built a gianormous Jesus statue, but is it becoming more secular?

- Andrew Hartman over at U.S. Intellectual History discusses how modern or postmodern William James was.

- On the ground with anti-nuclear protesters via The Historical Society.

- I know nothing about Finland but this interview with Pasi Sahlberg, a former adviser in Finland’s  Ministry of Education, covers most of the current problems in American education.


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