Honors Introduction to Religious Studies

Introduction to Religion: Christian and Hindu Traditions

Constructing Religion: Theory and Method in the Study of Religion

The Environment, Sustainability, and the Sacred in American History

Technology and Pedagogy

“Testing Twitter In and Out of Emory’s Classrooms

A story from Emory’s student newspaper, The Emory Wheel, describing my use of Twitter as part of student learning.

Resources for Teaching with Twitter

Social Media and the Religious Studies Classroom: Twitter as a Third Space

How to Start Tweeting (and Why You Might Want To)  by Ryan Cordell

A Framework for Teaching with Twitter by Mark Sample

Practical Advice for Teaching with Twitter by Mark Sample

The Difference Between Thin and Thick Tweets by David Silver

Resources for Teaching with Blogs

REL 100

The blog from my Introduction to Religion course, Fall 2011

A Sample Post for Students

A Sample post I wrote to show my students what I wanted from them in Introduction to Religion

Blog Post Checklist

A blogging format and checklist for students in my Intro. to Religion course.

Blog/Site List

A list of sites and blogs that provide good fodder for student blog posts.


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